South Korea, May 2013; Part 1

Back in 2010, I told my friend we should save up and go to south Korea 2 years after our graduation (2012).   Though a year over due, we finally went to Korea (:

I have to admit, our trip wasn't really well planned, we had a few arguments on where to go and how to go to places and it didn't help that the 3 of us were pms-ing at during the travel. wahaha. but all in all i am glad we went on this trip together. 

The initial plan was to go to Korea in April (early spring), but due to some unforeseen circumstances  we decided to go in may (end of spring). 

my mom and brother somehow managed to brainwash me into buying backpacks -_-" they're even more expensive than the luggage that i had intended to buy (bajet macam pergi backpacking selalu kan)

We arrived at incheon at 0820. After getting our bags, we decided to look for a prayer room. After almost an hour of trying to search for the prayer room, it turns out that the multi-religion prayer room is actually located at the departure hall T.T

Near the entrance of AREX, i saw a sign board that says 'prayer room'. when we went in area, there were two rooms in it. 1 for Christians to pray and the other were meant for Buddhist. Since there weren't many people that pass through that area, we decided to pray there. 

From incheon, we took arex to gimpo airport as we were going to jeju via air busan (air busan doesnt fly from incheon to jeju). as we had a few hours to kill, we had left our bags in the locker @ gimpo station and decided to go to hongdae.

 CAn't find your way? don't worry, most places in seoul will have this tourist information counter(?)

 hongdae = honggik + daehakgyo (university)
main bantai masuk. there were having a festival of some sort. students buka stalls jual barang, people playing games etc. i must say, hongdae students are very nicely dressed.

at first we wanted to visit ewha too, but since we had gotten lost a couple of times, we had to forgo ewha.

From gimpo to jeju

Here in Malaysia, you have to check in at least an hour before and the last boarding time is half an hour before the flight takes of. Welll in korea, the boarding time is 15 minutes before the plane takes of and the last boarding is 5 minutes before take off. the amazing thing, everything was on schedule @.@ amazing.

Budget breakdown; Day 1

LCCT-Incheon (air asia): RM1000.00
T-money: ₩2500
Incheon-Gimpo (arex): ₩3550
Gimpo-Honggik: ₩1150
Yeti Indian restaurant: ₩34000 (meal set for 3 people)
Locker: ₩3000
Taxi airport-yeha: ₩3600
Yeha guest house terminal, dorm for 4: ₩88000 for 4 nights
Banana milk: ₩1200

note: it has been ages since i had last written an essay or article. I've realised that my writing skills is now equivalent to an elementary school child. heck, even my 8-year old nephew constructs better sentences than i do. T.T ah, must practice more.



adoyai. reminds me of my mom, bila ajar masak 'mak ni nak letak berapa banyak?' 'agak-agak je ler' heuheuheuheuheu.



finally, it has been awhile ^^,

kenanga wholesale city

semalam pergi kwc dengan harapan mencari baju-baju. i keep wearing the same clothes untuk pergi kerja & keluar jalan-jalan (i had gained a lot of weight, so i can no longer wear most of the things in my closet).

memang banyak baju kat situ, but most of the baju-baju tu free size. free size ni sebenarnya meant for people dalam range xs-m sahaja. ada lah jugak nampak not-so kecik baju, tapi some shops dia ada rule kena beli barang >3 baru boleh.

lucky things there were other things there besides clothes. kalau tak macam trip sia-sia je. uhuhu. brooches banyak yang kat kwc & sangat murah. accesories phones pun banyak. 

note: sekarang dah kena bayar parking. dah habis dah period free parking tu


perangai budak gemuk

so here's how the story goes, about a month or so ago, i decided to weigh my self. 

sudah almost 6 months ++++ tak timbang berat

before naik scale i honestly thought berat dah kurang sikit

i thought, it can't be that bad. Rasa seluat a tad bit longgar compared to last month

memang idok lah

oh boy, gugur jantung tengok number displayed on the weighing scale

ladies and gents, I am now overweight. OVER frigging WEIGHT. 

I only have myself to blame, mana tak nya. sedentary lifestyle.

Jogging sekali setiap 4 bulan.

nasi makan pagi petang siang malam -_-"

seriously weyh, tinggal kat Malaysia, macam mana orang boleh diet also i cannot faham

everything so yummeyh. omnomnom. fooood~

anyhoo, back to fatty fat fei mau topic, i know lah i'm fat, but never thought I'm overly fat.


Mother and her frankness

my mom has been dropping not so subtle hints about my sudden fat spurt.

incident 1:
while buying kain ela untuk buat baju kurung
me: *mencari kain dengan semamngat*
mother: from now on i think you can only buy dark colours. it suits you better
me: why, because I'm fat now?
mother: yurp
me: -___________________________-''

incident 2
dulu kalau tak makan banyak mesti kena tanya kenapa tak makan, makan ler. tak yah diet diet
nowadays, "diet ke? ok" "you can't eat to much of this. makin gemuk lagi kang" T.T
ok mother, okkkkk

incident 3
mother will usually jahitkan baju kurung bigger dari baju contoh. according to her, kalau gemuk pun boleh pakai lagi
today, she had sewn baju kurung smaller dari baju contoh
ahaha. probably ini dalam kepala mommy dearest "jahit besar, makin besar anak aku.
jahit kecik bagi hint sikit suruh kurus"

on a different but related topic

kat office masa kerja dah habis and almost time to go home *dialogue may not be accurate. cant really remember. faktor usia*

me: apa ini
colleague a: oh, tea. good kalau nak detox. especially good kalau suka makan benda berminyak
me: ohhh. sekotak ni berapa
colleague a: berapa ek?
colleague b: rm29 kot. erma you try lah. bagus bagus
me: err, sedap ke?
colleague a: hmm, tak ada lah sedap. tapi kalau biasa minum chinese tea, boleh lah nak telan. nah ambil lah satu
me: tak apa tak apa
colleague b: erma you ambil lah try
me: tak apa
colleague: cubaaaa
me: ok ok
*back to my cubicle. baca description tea ni*
cetttt. subtle guys....subtle...


temporary relief common cold (and cough)

Disclaimer: This is only for temporary relief. If you want a cure, it is better to take medicine or see a doctor.

1 large lemon
1 1/2 teaspoon manuka honey (you can use a different kind of honey too)
1/4-1/2 cup hot water

Mix everything together and drink it in go. My mom said it is easier to squeeze a lemon when you cut off both ends. true indeed.

note: the sales person at the honey store told me to use plastic spoon instead of metal spoon. err... can't remember why though :/



Alhamdulilah. though nothing eventful happened today. i am thankful towards those that had wished me happy birthday. eheheh, i know most of them but reminded by facebook, but still... it wasn't compulsory a thing. thank you family and friends (: